①Litify 5億円出資 2017/2


Litify’s mission is to transform the legal industry through the use of trusted, intelligent, user friendly software.

②Zest Finance 150億 debt financing 2015/10


ZestFinance develops big data underwriting technologies to give lenders a better understanding of risk.

③Smartvue Corporation 15億出資 2015/4

IOT, video プラットフォーム。動画などの思いデータをクラウドで処理できるSmartvue brings IoT video solutions to market faster, at less cost and less risk.


④TriPlay 11億出資 2015/4
Cloud video,music サービス。定額で音楽・小説・ビデオが見放題
TriPlay is the next generation personal cloud company, enabling users worldwide to easily access, manage, share and enjoy their music, photos and videos across any computer, mobile phone, tablet or web-enabled television.


Lyft 530億出資 2015/3
Lyft is a peer-to-peer transportation platform that connects passengers who need rides with drivers willing to provide rides using their own personal vehicles.


⑥DigitalOcean 50億出資 debt financing 2014/2
DigitalOcean is simplifying the cloud by providing an infrastructure experience that developers love.


⑦Snapcard 1.5億出資 2014/10
SNAPCARD was founded in 2013 in order to help consumers spend their digital currencies.


⑧Xapo 20億出資 2014/3
Bitcoin provider, bitcoinデビットカードも提供
At Xapo, they believe that bitcoin’s ultimate success will be based on trust


⑨Jawbone 93億出資 2013/9
Jawbone is an audio technology company developing and selling wearable technology and portable audio devices.


⑩CROSSROADS SYSTEMS 10億 debt financing 2013/7
Crossroads Systems is a global provider of customer-driven data archive solutions.


⑪Net list 15億 debt financing 2013/7
Netlist manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of mission-critical, board-level memory products used in IT infrastructure equipment.


⑫On deck 100億 debt financing 2012/7
Ondeck is a technology-enabled financial platform that provides loan financing to small- and medium-sized businesses.


⑬Layered Technologies 38億 debt financing 2012/6
Layered Technologies is a leading global provider of managed dedicated hosting, on-demand virtualization/cloud computing and Web services.


⑭Small Bone Innovations 30億 debt financing 2009/12