GMV とは、Gross Merchandise Value の略称で総流通総額を表します。Revenue ではないので注意。ここに fee や 利益率をかけることによりrevenueがでてきます。


Key metrics の一つとして時折登場するこの用語




Preference: GTV : Goss Transaction Value

Pick up news: Mercari acquired the スマオク Feb-20/17

- Inovation of service

In terms of welath management, Motif investing is providing the info about market. investors could select portfolios, see the investment theis and so on



- Mercari aquired the "smaoku"

Mercari bought the Japanese c2c E-commerce company. The cost is not updated.

スマオク raised $2.5M from SIG Asia Investments, LLLP、MSキャピタル、IMJインベストメントパートナーズ in jun-11/2015

At that time, they were aiming to overseas market. In my opinion, mercari evaluate at this point(c2c for overseas)

User could sell the product for overseas just they registered their product at スマオク

Providing live-auction is also feature of this service.


- Acquiring good talented person

- Increasing the GMV with using スマオク


- Voice assistant for retail

As an amazon alexa, google home, there are so many voice-assitant tools in US.

Soon, we will see these one at the retail shop. Instead of talking with people, talking with voice-assistant to find a good shoes. For instance, oredered in my home and took it when I went there